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Franck bichon au studio

Born in the fifties from a music lover father and always in a good mood mother, he learns photography during his architecture studies with an ancient Vevey teacher and Sinar. After his studies he began working first in AFP before going to Gamma and contributed to the creation of Sunset. After a sabbatical year for races and sailing cruises around the world, decided as transition to join creativity, as he met an advertising friend and talented stylist who escorts him in his job to create a studio in Paris. Since then Franck Bichon creates and realizes orders for advertising for famous brands as Danone, Unilever, Mamie Nova, LVMH, Procter & Gamble, Indosuez, Champion, Ferrero, De Dietrich, Heineken, Crédit Lyonnais, Renault Air France… 

Press and publishing also look for his creativity as well as food, still life, scenery, photo-reportage,(sea, boats, tourism, landscape…) in the same time as his owns works always around sea and studio whith a permanent touch of Jazz. 

Franck Bichon, advertising photographer, coming from Architecture studies, put through the mill of press-agencies, reveal himself and confirm his independency in advertising through all sorts of ways since 25 years.

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The studio

Studio in Paris

Photographer’s studio is generously equiped of all photo-equipments, cameras, lights, computers required for to do as best the photos for your advertising medium : Press, advertising, publishing, B to B, leaflets, catalogs, and websites.

Many free-lance faithful partners are often fellow workers of Franck Bichon for results of all sorts of shootings, and especially Florence Kleiner, cooking stylist, who not only help me for scenery, but also write and realize preparations for recipes and with her picture editor’s experience, supervise and control the picture library.

The photo library

The picture library enriched permanently.

By putting your name down on this site (personnal password) you may access at a direct download in HD, you may prepare baskets, keep and archive them, download photos for layouts. 

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